Update 21: The Ruins of Thunderholme
Damij on March 01 2014
DDO Forum Link: Update 21 Release Notes
DDO Wiki Link: Thunder Forge Crafting

Those are some nice spoiler links to essential new DDO content for you guys, plus heres a preliminary area which will be fleshed as time goes by:

The Thunder Peaks

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Update 19: Shadowfell Conspiracy
Damij on August 11 2013

      Update 19: Shadowfell Conspiracy

August 19 is so close now so here are some links to get you started and targeting that next set of gear or just to see some screenshots:

Link: VG24/7 Expansion Content
Link: Update 19 (DDO.com)
Link: Update 19 (DDO Wiki)
Link: Update 19 named items

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      Developer Notes

Some of you may have seen that updates are now more visible for future content, below is a link showing a continually updating 'In Development' page on ddowiki.com that takes you through to Update 21 (early 2014)

Link: In Development

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